Wednesday, February 6, 2013

There is Beauty in Everything... Well, mostly

I'm going to do you all a favor and make what could be a long story with years worth of background information and keep it short and simple.
I've been blessed and my dreams are coming true.
Private jet on my way to NY fashion week to model for Calvin Klein and rock the Dolce and Gabbana runway. Sipping on some ginger ale while getting a foot massage in a smooth sailing aircraft to be picked up by a butler with a sign saying "Welcome Miss Braun".

Okay, so not quite.

More like showing up at the airport after listening to Amanda throw up the Astro Burger salad she had eaten the night before to find out the bag was 9lbs. overweight. We repacked on the spot and continued along. Had a layover in Phoenix we hustled our buns for only to find out the flight was delayed. Phew!

On the flight to New York I have poor little Amanda sleeping away her stomach bug on one side, a nice gentleman eating his brunch on the other, screaming little kids behind me that think this is Iron Man's jet (oh I wish!! In another life I'm Pepper Potts), I have to pee soooooo badly but my fasten seatbelt sign is on due to turbulence, and turns out I have to pay for slate peanuts now too.

I just keep closing my eyes picturing the beautiful city awaiting me and the experiences I'm about to have. It's a breathtaking view. Now if only I can get there in one piece.

Oh and by the way/ I'll post videos each night of that days adventures and you can download VOTo from the App Store to help me make decisions.