Friday, January 18, 2013

The Art of the Green Smoothie

Eating healthy has always been a challenge for me.
I refer to vegetables as rabbit food.
I should probably own shares in Taco Bell and Arby's.
I have no understanding of portion control whatsoever-I eat like a 400 pound man.
I love my sugar.
Needless to say the biggest part of following up with my goals has been cutting out the bad and putting in the good. 
When I was a kid I made up an allergy to spinach. Anytime my mom would make me eat it I would cry and scream that my throat was itchy and burning and that I couldn't breathe.  My creativity got me out of eating Popeye's superfood for a solid few years until one day I forgot to "react".
This new craze of "green smoothies" had me thinking.  If I could just start drinking one of these monsters a day with my enemy spinach, kale, and some spirullina it might be a good start to getting some good stuff inside of me. 
I like to do a few things differently.  I add almond milk as my liquid and say that more is better!!!
I've found that pears counter the grainy taste that spirullina contains,
and that freezing your fruit when you buy it helps it be more of a smoothie-rather than chunky juice.
Throw in a couple blueberries, some strawberries, a banana, a pear, a couple rasberries, almond milk, kale, coconut oil, and some almond milk and hit the mix button!
BAM!!!! Solid serving of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and tons of energy!!!
It's been about a week since I've started this-haven't been feeling the daily cold symptoms of winter as much
I'm starting to crave them!
I'm Dani, and this is my dysfunctional life.

Never Too Late

Every year when January comes around I hear New Year's Resolutions I roll my eyes.  It means tons of meaningless facebook posts, the gym being completely overpopulized, and goals that two months later no one will remember. 

I personally always come up with some fluffy nonsense resolution just to sound like part of the crowd.  Never have I followed through with one. 

This year I take a different perspective though.   Not setting New Year's Resolutions, but rather New Me Resolutions.  I want to better myself and experience each day ahead of me to the fullest of its potential.  

I've set my goals and am going to use this to help me work through them and keep me motivated.  I have friends doing some goals with me -love you Jess and Amanda- and I have people there to support me.  There is no reason I can't be the girl I want to be.

Goals (don't laugh)-

*FBG!!!! Fat be gone. forever. I want to be toned and sexy like the Victoria's Secret Girls
*Yoga-start connecting my body and learning to let the stress of life go
*Eat Healthy- this coming from the girl who would eat Taco Bell and Arby's about 5x a week
*Let go of my past- learning to let go of all the hurt and insecurities I've ever felt
*Dream Big-follow some of my dreams like being involved in the fashion industry
*Give Back- work with charities or volunteer throughout the city
*Random acts of kindness-buy a stranger's meal, carry an older person's groceries, the list goes on 

and finally

*FEEL beautiful and confident in who I am

It might be too much for me to handle.  I started last week and I'm already on my way.  

I can do this. 

I'm Dani, and this is my crazy dysfunctional life.